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Let me show you the 3 secrets to Live a "Disease-free" & "Medicine-free" life and giving you an opportunity to be your own doctor by learning Naturopathy

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Food n Cure

What is Food n Cure?

As the old Arabian proverb goes, “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest. Proper physical, Financial, mental and nutritional wellness become key for a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Food n Cure is an organization with clear purpose, A purpose to transform people’s lives by creating two most important aspects of life for you :-

  • Creation of Disease free life, and
  • Financial Freedom for life time.

We will coach you to live a “disease-free” life and offer an opportunity to be a “Digital Wellness coach” irrespective of your past background.

It’s a privilege to invite you to join our program and experience the magical life of Freedom.

We deliver this knowledge to you through our Health Transformation Workshops, YouTube videos, Webinars, blogs and our coaching system.

You are invited to join our free regular webinars for more updates.

We truly appreciate the fact that you’re here. We want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you. Because we value your time here. Because we value you.

Our Mission

We are on a mission of transforming 100,000 people Lives on this planet by creating a magical life of freedom.

“When Food is wrong, medicine is of no use, When Food is right, Medicine is of no need”


Be your own Doctor
"Learn Naturopathy"

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What People Say About Us

  • positive review  Good workshop attended and came to know many new things about healing body and mind with detox diet.. And also came to know about the which body you have so its a awesome experience by attending it. Mentors are alos too good. Thank you Food and cure team

    Urvashie Zaaveri Avatar Urvashie Zaaveri
    November 28, 2020
  • positive review  Wonderful experience.. 5 days program was very nice.. It helps us to know about our body type, detox our body by natural foods and to lead a disease free life.. Thank you..

    Madhavi Swami Avatar Madhavi Swami
    December 12, 2020
  • positive review  it was a wonderful experience to attend this workshop . How to know everything any our body and how to cure n take care of it. the most happening thing was that detox sabji n roti ...sabji without oil amazing of luck for good work...Sujata mam and Amit sir.

    Sona Shona Avatar Sona Shona
    December 12, 2020
  • positive review  It was a wonderful and informative sessions experience. Learned a lot about our health and diseases. Would definitely like to recommend to everyone to attend. Thanks a lot.😊

    Praddnya S Kambli Avatar Praddnya S Kambli
    December 12, 2020
  • positive review  Informative simple and easy to understand program .. liked it a lot,

    Hamsa Bhargavi Avatar Hamsa Bhargavi
    December 14, 2020
  • positive review  Nothing as such only that you join once....

    Durgesh Jain Avatar Durgesh Jain
    December 14, 2020
  • positive review  Beautiful program making your life healthy from within in turn bringing a stronger soul in u

    Geethu Manohar Suits Wholesaler Avatar Geethu Manohar Suits Wholesaler
    December 14, 2020
  • positive review  It helps detoxify body, boosting ur energy and health. Best way to maintain and repair ur body.

    Niteesha Kundanagiri Avatar Niteesha Kundanagiri
    November 28, 2020
  • positive review  Wonderful program.very knowledgeable.teach us to live healthy living in this modern Life style.I recommend it to all .

    Ridhika Jain Avatar Ridhika Jain
    December 14, 2020
  • positive review  It was great to know about the the lifestyle changes would bring a great change in our health and one can reverse many health issues only by changing the diets the knowledge shared in five days are beyond limit thank you.

    Stanzin Udon Avatar Stanzin Udon
    December 11, 2020

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