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About Sujata & Amit

Hi, I am Sujata and I am Amit 😊. We acknowledge you to visit our site.

We have seen so much sufferings in the society around us. People are struggling due to bad health and finances. We were also living our life in struggle and always in search of a answer “Why some people are always blessed with good health and wealth and some keep on suffering throughout their life”.

In our journey of self-discovery, we have gone to several transformational programs and finally, surrendered ourselves to our coaches & mentors from where we created a new way of being.

We surrendered to mentors who are living disease-free life and making over a million a month.

We followed their precise formulae.

We learned the art of natural lifestyle, creation of digital courses, art of internet traffic generation, lead creation, list building, conversions, and tribe building.

We learnt from our Gurus & Coaches that..

“Success Not Something That You Pursue…It’s Something That You Must Attract. By Being An Attractive Person (from within)”

We now help people step into their true potential by enabling and empowering them using the power of their mind and get present to their own greatness to achieve extra-ordinary results in Online coaching systems.

We would love to help you achieve your goals, both health and financial goals.

We made our courses so simple that anybody can come in our coaching system and can replicate the same model to create great health and financial freedom for themselves.

If you are able to resonate with our vision, then let’s stay connected.

You are awesome. You are our next success story.

To your freedom,
Sujata & Amit 

Our Background

Sujata & Amit, both are management graduates from reputed institute (Faculty of Management Studies) in India.

Sujata did post graduation in Food & Nutrition and have an experience in major hospitals in Delhi.

Amit did engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and have varied experience of corporate and now surrendered himself to Wellness and currently on the mission of creating 100,000 Digital Wellness coaches on this planet to transform thousands of lives.

We love freedom. We are creating life of Freedom. Freedom from disease and Freedom from any financial constraints.

Are you ready to take on this game?

We are waiting for you to our coaching system.


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